Onision Blames the Victim for Being Emotional Over Abusive Mother! WTF?!?

Onision Blames the Victim for Being Emotional Over Abusive Mother! WTF?!? from dailymotion by TheOfficialGATGShow
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Published on October 7th, 2012.

This is my response to Onision's "GET THE GIRL (& DEAL WITH MOM)" video after watching MrRepzion's video on this issue while adding my points to the equation. While you can control your extreme actions like letting emotions affect you physically, mentally and so on letting it control you to the point of committing suicide, going on a killing spree, or any extreme action, it IS natural to feel emotional and sad from TIME TO TIME when your own MOTHER insults you ALL YOUR LIFE. I do think it shouldn't be an excuse to commit suicide but it's certainly natural and you have my sympathy if you're depressed because of your asshole family members. This is not me saying that it's okay to be a mope all your life but if that recurring memory pops up, then it's natural and hope you feel better.

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Onision's Video - "GET THE GIRL (&DEAL WITH MOM)"

MrRepzion's Video - "Re: Abusive Mom - Onision Blaming the Victim"

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