Lps: More Than That (Season 4 Part 1) {Old Faces}

Lps: More Than That (Season 4 Part 1) {Old Faces} from youtube by AllyLpsTv
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Since Veronica died, everything has been going great. Valerie is doing great with her pregnancy, and Bryan is pretty much the happiest dog in the whole LPS world. Dustin is now in jail doing his time for everything he did, including helping Veronica destroy Valerie's life. Bryan and Valerie go to the doctor to see what gender their baby will be and when they do they almost faint of happiness. But when they get home someone unexpected visits them someone that Valerie knows very well.

******VERY IMPORTANT WARNING: The More Than That series is rated PG. Although these videos are made with Littlest Pet Shop toys, the More Than That series is NOT meant for very young children and is geared more towards preteens. This story is set in a marriage and troubled, but yet happy couple and thus explores themes that are definitely more mature (but not too mature, don't worry), the most prevalent being teenage romance. Please be aware of this! Also, while teenage romance is explored in this story, there is nothing inappropriate. But if you can't handle plastic toys kissing each other, you should probably go watch a different video. Viewer and PARENTAL discretion is always advised. Viewers, if you are not sure, ask your parents please!



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