Weirdest Brow Products Tested (Michelle Phan)

Weirdest Brow Products Tested (Michelle Phan) from youtube by dope2111
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Perfect Brows are every girl's goal right now and there's a ton of products on the market to help you achieve that but do they really work? Our brows got abused filming this. We tried 5 different Brow products. The most popular ones were the brow Stamp and the Wig. My fav was the brow Ruler and Michelle liked the Brow Frame Stencil. Which one will you try?

Thanks Michelle for trying out these wacky products with me. Let us know in the comments below what we should film next together. Watch her latest video :

Products Used :
Brow Stamp
Brow Stencil
Brow Tattoos
Brow Wig
Brow Ruler

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