Pitbull attack: 4 year old girl dies after being mauled by vicious dog 3 times her size

Pitbull attack: 4 year old girl dies after being mauled by vicious dog 3 times her size from youtube by TomoNews US
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Little Mia Derouen who was attacked by her family's pitbull, named Niko, yesterday, has died from her injuries overnight. The attack happened in an apartment complex in Houma, Louisiana, located just southwest of New Orleans.

Mia and her mother Megan were watching TV when Niko suddenly attacked without warning. Megan fought the dog off as best she could, injuring herself in the process. She then barricaded herself in her bedroom with her daughter while she called 9-1-1.

Megan was able to hand her daughter off to paramedics from her bedroom window.
While police had no choice but to shoot and kill Niko, who was acting aggressively.

Unfortunately Mia died after receiving severe face and neck wounds from the attack. She was approaching her 5th birthday, but the dog was more than twice her weight and size. Police also removed a second pitbull from the residence, but it wasn't involved in the incident. Neighbors say they've seen the two dogs out with the family before, but neither one ever acted aggressively. Megan is still in the hospital suffering from moderate injuries according to authorities.


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