How to Have the Best 24 hours in NYC with YesJulz

How to Have the Best 24 hours in NYC with YesJulz from dailymotion by Elite Daily
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YesJulz takes us to the next stop on her summer world tour, New York City.

Summer and Music, few things compliment each other so perfectly. Through Julz’ eyes, we get the ultimate summer of music in New York City from hanging with her girls to living it up at the Greatest Day Ever Festival.

Music sets the tone, it makes the moment, it sets us free. Julz knows this better than anyone. She gives us her perspective on what music means to her personally and the power of music to connect everyone everywhere.

All summer long, she’s on the go and bringing the beat wherever she lands.

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Producer: Tracey Zane
Junior Producer: Camille D'Elia
Director: Travis Satten
DP: Lukasz Pruchnik
Camera: Real Sprague
Sound Mixer: Brian Flood
Editor: Matthew Cascella

Music Courtesy of Extreme Music:

"Get On Like This" by Urban Ammo 3
"Love Like This" by Progressive Hip Hop
"Closet Freak" by How It Is
"Club Scout" by Big Room
"Misbehave" by ShiftK3y

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