DINOSAUR GIANT SURPRISE EGG OPENING Jurassic World Indominus Rex & T-Rex Toy Unboxing Fun Kids Video

DINOSAUR GIANT SURPRISE EGG OPENING Jurassic World Indominus Rex & T-Rex Toy Unboxing Fun Kids Video from youtube by ToyLabTV
featured video : GIANT DINOSAUR EGG SURPRISE OPENING - Indominus Rex T-Rex Jurassic World - Transforming Eggs
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We're opening a GIANT Indominus Rex & Raptor Life-Size Surprise Egg that includes T-Rex, Jurassic World and Animal Planet Toys. Park Ranger LB is searching for objects with his metal detector, and Aaron hides a few surprises along the way. But LB's BIG discovery is a giant dinosaur surprise egg! The toys in this unboxing include: the Jurassic world Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex Collectible Robotic Edition, Real Skin and Bones Styracosaurus, Animal Planet Remote Control Ravenous T-Rex, Pterodactyl Transport Boat Playset, the Animal Planet Dino Discovery Set, and some Ja-Ru Fizzy Fun Dino Surprise Eggs.

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GIANT Indominus Rex Surprise Egg & Ultra T-Rex HUGE Dinosaur Toy:

HUGE Life-Size Jurassic World T-Rex Dinosaur Surprise Egg:

GHOST CHASE #2: Giant Marshmallow Man IRL Haunted House HALLOWEEN Battle:

Ghost Chase #1: w/ Real Life Size Marshmallow Man & GIANT Spider Surprise Egg:

Parasailing Family Fun Amusement w/ Aaron & LB at Resort Park:

Life-Size GIANT T-Rex Dinosaur Chases Park Ranger Aaron in Jurassic Adventure:

GIANT Life-Size Dinosaur Eggs Hatch in the Jurassic Park & T-Rex Escapes:

Real Life Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Hunt with Surprise Toys:

Surprise eggs are called huevos sorpresa in Spanish, Überraschung Eier in German, oeuf surprise in French and uova sorpresa in Italian. Toys are called juguetes, spielzeug, jouets and giocattoli.