5 Islands that Mysteriously Disappeared

5 Islands that Mysteriously Disappeared from youtube by Mysterious 5
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The oceans of the world have always been, and still are, wellsprings of seemingly infinite mysteries and the unknown. One very pervasive enigma of the sea is its habit of swallowing up people and things without a trace. History is steeped in tales of ships, planes, submersibles, and swimmers who have ventured out into this vast, churning place, only to slip over the horizon and out of existence without a clue as to what happened to them. Yet for as odd as all of the cases of these unexplained vanishings are, one phenomenon stands out as being decidedly stranger; that of entire islands that have seemed to have simply faded off of the face of the earth. Such disappearing phantom islands have puzzled seafarers for centuries, sparking the imagination and eluding any real answers, to become one of the most bizarre mysteries of the world’s oceans. Here we will explore some of the strange world of islands that vanished into thin air.

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