10 REASONS WHY ANTS MAKE THE BEST PETS from youtube by AntsCanada
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These are ten reasons why ants make the best pets! Do you have any more to add to the list?

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"The Fire Nation" Solenopsis geminata Colony:

•AC Outworlds https://goo.gl/SccvGn
•AC Field & Forest Biome Kit https://goo.gl/2alaoo
•AC Desert & Oasis Biome Kit https://goo.gl/0jXxr0
•AC Rainforest Biome Kit https://goo.gl/13NSLj
•Various AC Equipment https://goo.gl/oWs4Qs
•Rubbermaid bin

"The Dark Knights" Paratrechina longicornis 3 queen polygynous colony:

•AC Pogonomyrmex Hybrid Nest Gear Pack https://goo.gl/GSfpc7
•AC Tetramorium Hybrid Nest https://goo.gl/atTkwn
•AC Field & Forest Biome Kit https://goo.gl/2alaoo
•AC Rainforest Biome Kit https://goo.gl/13NSLj

"The Golden Empire" Anoplolepis gracilipes 3 queen polygynous colony:

•75 Gallon Planted Tank

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