जब समुद्र से निकलकर बाहर आ गए ये विशालकाय जीव

जब समुद्र से निकलकर बाहर आ गए ये विशालकाय जीव from youtube by HJ NEWS
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जब समुद्र से निकलकर बाहर आ गए ये विशालकाय जीव...

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The sea is full of mysteries. As much as we try to know about it. As much as they keep stuck in the mystery, from time to time, such a huge Kaya sea creature has been exposed, which also has become a puzzle for the scientists. Today we will talk about some such mysterious creatures.

1. Jones Lily Schunkert Its large eye and body is like octopus. These creatures were seen in Spain in 2004. What is this? No one can know till today. Just its picture is becoming viral since then.
2. FONNE MONSTER. This creature's body is like a monster. These are very big creatures, they met in 2012 in South Carolina.
3. Trunco The mystery of this mystical creature is inexplicable. We can see it like a dolphin. It was named because of its rectification, these creatures were seen in South Africa in 1924.
Half Monster The half of this creature is like a monster. So its name was named Half Monster, its mouth resembles dinosaur. When this creature came on the surface of the sea, it had died.

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